Making Sense of Auto Layout

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What do I get?

  • 215-pages PDF 
  • 6 hands-on Xcode projects to follow-along chapters
  • In the last chapter, you will get to apply the knowledge you have learned in this book to create an iPhone calculator app that looks good across all iPhone screen sizes and on both portrait/landscape orientation
  • Introductory guide on how to implement UI programmatically (ie. using code instead of storyboard)

What’s in the book?

  • How User Interface is being designed prior to Auto Layout and why Auto Layout is introduced
  • How Auto Layout determine and size of a UI Element by using constraints you defined
  • Why missing constraints (Red lines!) appear and how to solve them
  • Why conflicting constraints (Red lines, with numbers!) happen and how to solve them
  • What content size and the importance of it
  • Using Tableview for content with dynamic size
  • Using Scrollview for content with dynamic size
  • What is constraint priority and when to use it
  • What content hugging and compression resistance
  • What is Stackview and how does it simplify constraints
  • Animating views with constraint
  • What is Size Classes and how to use it to create layout
  • Thinking in proportion
  • Replicate and build the iPhone stock calculator app using Auto Layout

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Making Sense of Auto Layout

3 ratings
I want this!